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It’s been quite a while since I had any inspiration to write. It seems that only rage, disappointment, regret and depression fuel my creative thoughts. Not to mention the will to write them down.

I’ve tried to change my ways a bit. To get back into the lives of people I’ve left behind months, even years ago. But it looks like I still cannot make it work. No matter how much I try to run away from people and from situations that would make me look like a douche-bag,  I still seem to land right in the middle of them.

Meeting an old friend, I’ve been told someone had a relationship with me. It was the first time I heard about it, especially since “my girlfriend” (or however her title would be) hasn’t spoken to me in years.

My biggest sin so far is letting weak people weaken me. I give too many fucks and I have too much hope for some. That only blows up in my face. It’s the reason why i don’t like meeting new people. The second I think they’re ok and that I like them close to me, they find a way to just poop all over my party.

It’s funny, one of my best friends has the same problem, and I always pick on him because of that. I guess I should listen to my own advice and cut these cancers from my life. Maybe he’ll be more perceptive than me and sees his mistakes as well.

Of course, thoughts about the future keep me up at night. I know that somehow I may be destined for more. Now I’m just waiting for a sign to show me the right path.  Or the signs were shown… and I’m just too afraid of failing or taking a leap of faith.

Maybe the next time inspiration hits I’ll have better answers for myself. Maybe even a path to follow.



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Yes kids, it’s that time again!

Time to ramble and babble about random stuff. This time i’ll go over how living in an apartment building is hard AND how to be a douche about it!

Firstly, i have to say i’m lucky. I live in a somewhat quiet apartment. Besides the fact that i can even hear my grandparents snore at night, that is. But i was unlucky enough to have the neighbors above me move furniture last week. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t mind them doing it. The hours were killing me. 2-3 a.m. That doesn’t seem normal now, does it? I could hear them moving a closet. I heard the wood scratch on the parquet (yes, that’s something common for people to have here). So after a couple of hours of that same sound, i decided to go to their door. But instead of being a bad neighbor, i decided i want to be a douche.

So i went over to their floor. Pressed the knob on their door a few times,  just hard enough for them to hear it. Then i quietly, but at a pretty fast pace, ran down the stairs. I must admit, for a heavy guy, my ninja skills were quite nice. They opened the door pretty late, so i’m guessing they panicked a little. The rest of the night was nice… until an old lady decided to scream out the window : “Apartment 6, it’s 4 in the morning! stop washing clothes!”. I later found out that no one was home at that time in apartment 6.

The amount of stress and annoyance is really low compared any big city. But my little town is almost there! Wooo!

Saw the Oscars. What a show. It was decent, but still kinda bad. Ellen Whatsherface tried too much to be hip and funny with pics, twitter, pizza… but i started watching the Oscars thinking it’s more of a classy show, not another MTV Movie awards. As for Mr DiCaprio…  It seems to me that only after he dies and they’ll make a movie about his life and career, the actor that PLAYED HIM will get an Oscar. That’s the only way he can get one. Sort of. Someone really hates him there.

Now about the title… i’m sorry I’ve disappointed you, reader, but that’s just what i’m feeling right now. Besides getting my CVs (resumes) to companies, hoping i’d get a decent, regular job. Seems i have to change some things soon. Maybe starting with the place i live in…

For the finale, if you have enough strength to bother to look for the translation, enjoy :


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Work-Experience-alexwhiteOh, yes… Here we go.

It’s been quite a while since I posted ANYTHING here. I know some people thought my blog was strictly about me killing myself; that it’s an online suicide note, even tho i really, really don’t understand how. I was ranting. Yes, that’s it. RANTS.

I’ve been told i’m somewhat of a boarder. The boarder to retardedness.  That should be a word. I have this side of me that attracts crazy and weird people. Not C-RAZY. Legit crazy people. I won’t get into it, because it will just look like i’m complaining and that it somehow affected me in a bad way. But i don’t really care anymore. This past year hasn’t been so perfect. I didn’t take much out of it. So the only good thing i can say about how it’s been is that… I’ve got some experience out it. And seeing how i’m into that MMO thing, that’s not so bad.

Of course, there will come a time where too much experience will be seen as a waste of time.  All i can say to myself and to others in my shoes : set an expiration date on it and move on.

Merry, happy, late New Year’s Mass.

Si a mai trecut inca un an…

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Cam devreme sa zic asta, nu? E abia august, anul nou e departe…? Nu. Vreau sa incerc sa-mi aduc aminte ce naiba s-a intamplat in ultimii ani.

Recent (chiar azi) mi-am ars creeri cu asta… Cum? Totul se misca, evolueaza… Obisnuiam sa nu ma duc pe centru sa nu dau de lume cunoscuta, pentru ca nu aveam pic de chef de discutii. Acum… ma uit in stanga si-n dreapta si nu vad pe nimeni. Aiurea… chiar nu ma asteptam sa ajung intr-o astfel de ipostaza.

Am avut o discutie cu un tip despre unele lucruri… si mi-am dat seama ca il cunosc de 11 ani. Ce faceam acum 11 ani pe vremea asta? Ii explicam ca ai mei nu ma lasa sa merg in parcarea de peste strada, iar el cu inca un tip au ramas sa ne jucam la mine-n parcare. Da, stiu. E aiurea ca tin minte astfel de lucruri.

Ma gandesc ca a trecut atata timp si nu am facut NIMIC. E adevarat, am facut si alegeri gresite (momentan sunt numai 3). Dar ma uit in jur, la cei pe care-i cunosc (desi uneori ei sunt prea cul sa bage lumea-n seama) si ii vad cum o duc. Initial am crezut ca este ceva cu mine, ca se poate sa fiu gelos ca o duc asa de bine? Da. E adevarat ca uneori (mai des in ultimul timp) ma oftic. “Prost sa fi, noroc sa ai”. Adevarat. Nu mai suport norocul prostilor. Nu am absolut NICI O PROBLEMA cu cei ce inteleg ca-s norocosi. Cei care nu scot ochii, cei care nu se dau mari, cei care-si cunosc locul, ii respect. Dar mai sunt si corciturile alea infecte care se dau mari cu ce au. Noroc cu tati… sau iubitu / a… sau barbatu / nevasta. Nu mai suport astfel de oameni.

Eh… nu stiu ce urmeaza sa fac cu mine. Unii oameni nici la 40 de ani nu stiu ce sa faca. Daca ar fi fost timpuri mai bune, nu m-ar fi grabit nimeni. Ii felicit pe cei care in momentul de fata stiu ce vor sa faca in viitor. Sper sa fiu si eu in grupul acela curand…

And when it comes…


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Astazi vreau sa incerc sa va explic una-alta despre cea mai dubioasa forta de pe strazi – awesome way to say it, right? RATB… dap, sunt destul de dubiosi flacaii. Si nu spun asta pentru ca m-au luat si pe mine de 2-3 ori, mi-am invatat lectia. Am decis sa imi iau abonament mereu, sa scap de discutii. Dar totusi, ii vad cum “opereaza”.

Sa incepem :

Ati observat cum nu ii controleaza pe toti? Dap, 99% din controlori nu se uita la toti. Asta pentru ca isi aleg “victimele” frumos : daca par ca ar avea de unde scoate bani.

Am auzit intr-o zi si un controlor care a vrut sa perchezitioneze un copil, ca nu avea bilet sau buletin. WRONG! Nu au dreptul sa faca asta. Nu sunt politisti… Nu au voie nici sa blocheze usa. Stiu sigur ca multi dintre voi stiu cum blocheaza ei usa, si se strang in jurul celui care nu are bilet. Again, nu sunt o politisti, nu au dreptul sa te intimideze, sa te injure SAU SA TE AMENINTE. Daca pune mana pe tine e deja infractiune. Si cea mai tare chestie : NU AU DREPTUL sa blocheze usa. Asta este o infractiune care o comit si controlorii si soferii autobuzului. Daca vi se intampla, nu fiti luat de fraier.

Tot ce au ei dreptul sa faca este sa va ceara sa va legitimati si sa va amendeze. Daca voi nu dati acele date, nu au ce sa va faca.  Singurul mod in care puteti sa luati amenda fara sa va legitimati este daca DIN INTAMPLARE un politist (normal sau comunitar) este acolo sa va tare la sectie pentru amenda. Altfel nu au ce sa va faca.

Nici nu vreau sa intru mai amanuntit in poveste… cu faptul ca ar trebui sa poarte uniforme si sa stea cu acel ecuson la vedere  mereu. Cand te trezesti ca sar pe tine si ca au aparut de NICAIERI, te intimideaza… Multi nu reactioneaza bine la asta, iar ei chiar pe acest lucru se bazeaza.


Sper ca v-am ajutat cumva. Nu vreau sa incepeti sa fiti rebeli prin autobuze :)) Vreau doar sa stiti ce drepturi aveti.

Mult succes! Salutare!

Random stuff.

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Mi s-a facut observatie ca nu scot destule posturi. Imi cer scuze celor care chiar pierd alea 5 minute sa vada ce dracu scriu aici :))

Timpul din pacate este limitat, nu am cand sa scriu prea multe. Nu am nici idei… vroiam sa scriu despre venitul cersetorilor la un moment dat. La intersectia de langa Rectorat, este un tip in scaun cu rotile. Da, cerseste… si cat asteptam pe cineva am vazut cum s-a dus frumos langa un tufis, a scos o sticla de bere si a dat pe gat, fara stres. Intr-adevar, era cald afara, il inteleg. Dar cred ca v-ati prins, nu?

O tai scurt cu o intamplare GENIALA. Am mentionat in posturi mai vechi despre SUA. Stiti ce parere am despre acel… popor. Dar ce s-a intamplat de data asta… UAU. Stiti cum daca aveti rata si nu platiti la timp, banca vine si va pune sechestru, etc,etc? Ei bine, de data asta s-a intamplat invers :)) Enjoy!


Vreau sa inchei cu mici anunturi : Arch Enemy, Lazarus A.D. si Nightshade (care au un solist nou) au scos recent albume.  Urmeaza In Flames si Unearth, pentru amatorii genului.

Telefoanele mobile ucid

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Incepem direct : OMS (Organizatia Modiala a Sanatatii) a declarat astazi OFICIAL ca telefoanele mobile pot produce cancer cerebral. Tin sa va reamintesc ca tot ei au spus ca si ouale,  rosiile, cafeaua, etc ne ridica sansele la cate un fel de cancer.

Eu spun sa nu va panicati din toate idioteniile spuse de OMS. Nu, nu cred ca e o conspiratie, cred numai ca nu aveau ce sa mai zica. Tre sa arate lumii ca fac si ei ceva pentru banii care-i primesc. Si oricum, ce au aratat ei este o statistica, nu arata nici o legatura intre telefoanele mobile si cancerul. Dar daca totusi sunteti usor stresati despre aceasta veste, folositi si voi mai putin telefoanele. Cunosc persoane care stau toata ziua in telefon. Mi se pare normal sa surzeasca macar :))

O alta veste interesanta mi s-a parut cea legata de Germania. Au anutat ca vor renunta pana in 2022 la centralele nucleare, dupa ce au vazut ce instabile sunt si cate dezastre produc. Le-a luat si lor ceva sa-si dea seama, dar sunt PRIMII care fac acest pas. Cinste lor.

Ultima stire care mi-a scos ochii este cam… ciudata. Normal, numai in SUA se putea intampla asta. Intai trebuie sa intelegeti noua moda : anti-protestul. Dap, si voi puteti sa mergeti sa protestati impotriva protestelor publice. Biserica Baptista din Westboro (niste jegosi care tot ce stiu sa faca este sa protesteze tot ce le trece prin cap; daca nu ma credeti, aveti gugal) s-a dus frumos sa protesteze cununiile intre persoanele de acelasi sex. Nimic nou, ei fac asta foarte des, pe unde apuca. Ceea ce este amuzant este grupul de anti-protestatari : KKK. Dap, Ku Klux Klan au venit si au anti-protestat. Chestia asta m-a lasat… masca.

Imaginati-va ce-or crede familiile oamenilor care au murit pentru tara aia… pentru ce au murit copiii lor?


Eh… cam atat. Ne mai auzim si alta data!